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Five Days in Babylon

- A Synopsis

As a pawn of the Earth Liberation Front, eco-terrorist agent Maria Elena Castillo enlists the help of an ex-military weapons expert and together they begin a horrendous crime spree by torching an apartment complex supposedly built on an endangered lagoon in San Diego. Bent on continuing chaos in an attempt to legitimize their version of preserving the environment, they murder innocent people at an SUV dealership, hijack a surplus nuclear reactor under the noses of the military and detonate a dirty bomb upwind from the Port of Los Angeles. Who are the masterminds behind these E.L.F. agents and what do they really want?

Jack Stone, guilt-ridden veteran of a nearly-forgotten foreign war, reluctantly takes on the task of bringing the two anarchists to ground. When a genetically-modified pathogen stolen from the Cold War-era Soviet Union is painstakingly identified by the CDC as the airborne killer that is quickly spreading beyond the Port into Los Angeles, the radiation from the dirty bomb that triggered it into action becomes the least of Jack's worries. In spite of Jack's dogged pursuit, Maria proves she is a cruel and heartless adversary as she continues her deadly missions while staying one step ahead of Jack.

With the exasperating voice in his head constantly badgering him to distraction, Jack searches for his target in a surprisingly dangerous eco-terrorist world in which he slowly realizes Maria may prove to be the only lifeline he has for his survival--and his sanity.