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"Five Days in, stop, take a quick breath and then read some more. Eco-terrorism? What's that? Read the Book. What easy targets could cause the most disruption? Read the book. But's not dry, environmental's FAST PACED, ULTRA TENSE fiction that leaves you thinking...but what if it weren't fiction??? Detail oriented from the first sentence...but NOT the kind that makes you yawn. This book will pull you in! Read it. Feel the suspense, and then when you read the last page...finally, breathe. However, days later you'll find yourself still thinking..."

-- Carla Barnett
Water Valley, MS

Wow...what a find!!! This was an excellent book and it is hard to believe that it was P.L. Reiter's first novel. The writing is as crisp as any author that I have read and that is an extensive list. The book was definitely a page turner. The book was hard to put down because you just kept wanting to find out what was happening next. Each chapter left you hanging. There were a diverse set of characters and the usage of the geography was excellent. I hope this author catches on quickly with the public and is inspired to bring us more quality novels.

-- George K. Branton
Carrollton, GA

A great read! Thrilling, non-stop excitement, with plot twists you'll never see coming. The conflicts between radical eco-terrorists and their perceived foes, ripped from the headlines and airwaves, are brought home in vivid description by author P.L.Reiter. Once I started the book, I had a hard time putting it down. This novel carries a serious message about the environment you live in, and those who could be your neighbors who see things quite differently and don't hesitate to act on their beliefs.

-- Joe Hannigan
Colonel, USAF (Ret)