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Earth Liberation Front Handiwork

Two Elk Lodge,
Vail, Colorado

Burned SUV
Southern California

Learn about the Earth Liberation Front and the history of their activities. This organization plays an entirely fictional part in the novel Five Days in Babylon, by author P.L. Reiter.

This web site is devoted to the "Original ELF" - The Environmental Life Force, whose initials became interwoven with the Earth Liberation Front.

A global display of terrorism and other suspicious events.

Have you noticed any anomalous aeronautical activity?

Do you have an interest in Amateur Radio? Please visit author P.L. Reiter's personal web site devoted to that hobby. He is licensed by the Federal Communication Commission with the call sign WY7I.

Were you part of the Atlanta hippy scene?

View images from 10th and Peachtree, in Atlanta, 1969. Shot by photographer Carter Tomassi of the Great Speckled Bird underground newspaper!